Environment Protection

The strategy of the company’s development is above all focused on the products and services which, by their quality, reliability, performance and environmental friendliness, meet the specified requirements of our customers.

The main objective of the company is to manufacture products which represent a minimal burden to the environment, to create conditions for continual improvement, pollution prevention, and to maintain the environmental management system in accordance with legal regulations and other requirements set forth by decisions, contracts etc. The principles of the company’s strategy in the area of environment protection have been formulated in the "Quality and Environmental Policy" which is a highest level document binding on all employees of the company and persons and organisations working with the company. By announcement of the Policy, the company has expressed its commitment to the process of continual improvement and pollution prevention as well as to the fulfilment of relevant requirements of legal regulations and other requirements applicable to the company, effective utilisation of natural resources, protection of water, soil, air, and occupational health and safety. The process of waste and chemical handling as well as the measures in case of accident or emergency is an integral part of the Policy.

To fulfil this commitment, PBS ENERGO, a. s. has introduced an environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004, which is the key tool for the continual improvement of processes by preventing and eliminating adverse impacts arising from the activities of our company on the environment. To implement the environmental policy the company undertakes to:

  • observe legal and other requirements for environment protection, preservation of natural resources and ensuring safe environment,
  • maintain, develop and continually improve the environmental management system established according to ČSN EN 14001:2004 and documented in the Integrated Management System Manual and in relating directives,
  • decide on investment projects and their implementation with regard to the environment,
  • manage and educate employees in responsible behaviour to the environment and ensure they fully understand, support and foster the Environmental Policy of the company,
  • create conditions for ecological behaviour of its employees,
  • handle the waste and chemicals in accordance with legal regulations and other requirements,
  • eliminate, by prevention of risks and pollution, any emergency states whose consequences could have an adverse impact on the environment,
  • perform duly planned preventive maintenance in order to minimize negative environmental impacts of transport and handling means and plant and equipment,
  • every year state environmental objectives to fulfil this Policy, and to check the fulfilment of the stated targets within the regular annual review of the integrated management system,
  • communicate this Policy to all employees, and inform the public of it accordingly in a suitable form,
  • require its suppliers to respect this Environmental Policy.
In accordance with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004, the established environmental management system, individual processes and activities are reviewed at stated intervals in order to ensure continual suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environment control, to define opportunities for improvement, needs of changes in the environmental management or environmental policy, targets and objectives.

We try to reduce and sort waste, hand it over for further utilisation, or, if it is not possible, liquidate it in accordance with legal regulations. We minimise the substances which, according to relevant legal regulations, are dangerous, and replace them by environmentally friendly substances and materials. We collaborate with state authorities in fulfilling the notification, reporting and approval duties as set forth by legal regulations and other requirements.

Jiří Crha
Technical Inspection Manager