Research and Development

The main activities of our development department are focused on the product range innovations in line with customer requirements and their introduction onto the market. This means projecting new types of steam and gas expansion turbines, increasing their efficiency and other utility parameters and similar designs of flow-related turbine sections in contract performance.

The department has strong connections with other companys’ departments, such as commercial, production, assembly and testing, with due respect to their needs and considering their suggestions in its development activity.  It issues technical proposals and specifications for the quotation of turbines, participates in turbine inspections and repairs and measures and evaluates the parameters of turbines operated in the plants of the customers. The development department guarantees lasting continuity of radial and axial turbine production in a wide product range.

The state of the art software is used for technical calculations and designs

  • ANSYS – for stress, strain, frequency and thermal analysis of machine parts (finite element method)
  • SKALA – calculation of life of heavily loaded parts from the viewpoint of low-cycle fatigue
  • FLUENT – CFD program system for the solution of tasks of gas and liquid flow (finite volume method)
  • MGF BIT – for the determination of dynamic characteristics of friction bearings
  • DYNROT, Pro/Mechanika – for analysis of stability, critical speed and vibration of high-speed rotors
  • Pro/E – CAD software for 3D modelling
  • System support programs – for the design of flow parts of radial and axial turbines and for the determination of parameters of thermodynamic circulation and properties of working media
  • The department collaborates with universities and technical institutes in form of consultation or joint projects – VZLU Prague, ITM AV Prague, ČVUT FSI Prague.

Current development programmes:

Programme name

Technology Agency of CR – Supporting projects of applied research and experimental development ALFA

Project name

Research and development of small-size turbine stage

Project description

The project is solved in collaboration with VZLU Prague. The goal of the project is the innovation of turbine overpressure stages, which are used in multi-stage steam condensing and back-pressure turbines equipped with cylinder rotors. Applied experimental and theoretical research of the overpressure turbine stage is performed to get a file of results whose analysis will lead to an improvement of the methodology of designing similar stages. Systematic and detailed experiment is performed with use of aerodynamic sounding by pneumatic probes to determine kinematic and thermodynamic parameters of flow in a specially designed test stage. Theoretical research includes analysis of flow conditions in the stage with the use of the original VZLU software simulating special cases of spatial flow.

Ing. Radovan Kundera
Research and Development Manager