Bio Power Plants and Heating Units

Main advantages and parameters of  bio power plants and heating units

  • we not only assemble the equipment but also manufacture all basic components
  • we also provide project financing


  • biomass (straw, pellets, wood chips, power crops, etc.)
  • gaseous fuel (natural gas, biogas, coke gas, etc.)
  • liquid fuel (diesel, petrol, kerosene oil, burning oil, etc.)

Power units


  • for burning bio mass as well as power and heat cogeneration

In co-operation with our partners, we offer complete construction of power units intended for burning bio mass and cogeneration of power and heat. We provide comprehensive projecting, design, manufacturing and construction of power units.

PBS ENERGO and BFS ENERGO, a.s. put into operation a complete bio power plant burning baled straw in 2011 and the power and operating parameters of this bio power plant were verified and confirmed in 2012.


Last but not least, PBS ENERGO offers its customers various models of financing. In cooperation with financial institutions we are ready to offer our customers an optimal financing model for the construction of the plant itself as well as for the medium-term or long-term crediting.

Selected references