Project Financing

Project financing description

  • Financing plan based on a comprehensive economic analysis of the project.
  • Minimum invested equity is 15 % of total project costs
  • Return on investment of the project ranges between 8 and 10 years
  • Beginning of repayment of a loan is within 6 months from putting the plant into operation

We will carry out comprehensive economic analysis of the entire project and propose the best financing for the customer, based on the results of the analysis. Hence, complete delivery and construction of power generation equipment, assembly and putting into operation will also include financing of the entire project in co-operation with banks and financial institutions. This approach will impose the minimum requirements on the customer´s own capital.

Our goal is not only supplying turbo-set or power generation equipment to our customers, but also finding the optimum financial solution of the entire project with the minimum financial burden of the customers.

Energy contracting

Through the Energy contracting service, PBS ENERGO, a.s. offers a possibility of repayment of the capital investment project by means of the price of electricity generated.

By using this method, PBS ENERGO, a.s. will completely ensure delivery and installation of the turbine generator unit, including accessories and modernisation of the existing systems or construction of new power engineering facilities. The entire capital investment is repaid by way of sale or consumption of electrical energy according to the contractual model agreed upon.

This means that customers need not invest their own capital. The risks connected with construction are fully on the supplier"s part, as is the responsibility for energy management (i.e. maintenance, operation and servicing of equipment). In the case of projects of this type, the complete turbine generator unit, including accessories, is transferred to the customer free-of-charge after repayment of the capital investment.

The customers need not take care of the equipment for the entire term of repayment of the turbine generator unit; they are not indebted and thus need not provide security in the form of their assets. They can invest financial means, which would otherwise have to be invested into installation of the turbine generator unit, into other projects.

The services include a complete analysis of the existing situation, draft design preparation, installation of new equipment, its operation and maintenance.