Services Activities

PBS ENERGO is the owner of complete documentation of the turbo-sets manufactured historically under the PBS trademark. We can find all documents necessary for servicing including measurement records, clearance setting, changes in production documents or similar according to the serial number of the machine.

Complete range of service activities

We ensure all repairs of steam turbines within overhauls, but also in sudden failures or accidents. From the view of their extent, the performed repairs of turbines range from medium repairs of individual components to general overhauls of the machines including auxiliary equipment.

Reconstruction and changes in operating parameters

If the operator requires a change in operating parameters, we, within the service activities, also recalculate the turbo-set including design of flow parts. By optimization of the machine we improve the operational economy of the turbo-set with minimal costs arisen to the customer.

Modernization and automation of turbo-sets

PBS ENERGO provides complete overhauls of the whole turbo-set including accessories. The range of service activities includes demounting of the whole turbo-set including accessories, complete measuring, expert assessment of current condition of the machine, elaboration of inspection report and its discussing with the customer, ensuring all necessary spare parts, making necessary repairs and modifications, remounting of the turbo-set and its putting into operation.

PBS ENERGO performs modernization and automation of older turbo-sets. As a result, the technical standard of the existing turbo-sets gets close to the state of the art with preservation of the existing equipment. By modernization and automation it is possible to get optimal results of turbo-set operation, increase overall efficiency of the unit and minimize power losses.

Turbo-set replacement

By agreement with the customer, we are ready to perform complete replacement of the turbo-set with preservation of the existing building layout, driven equipment as well as the relating process systems. In case of agreement with the customer, we replace the turbo-set that approaches its end of life by a new, the same or modernized one, or propose a new type, which meets new technological requirements in an optimum way.

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