Welding and Soldering


We offer welding of steel structures, parts of pressure equipment made of non-alloy, medium-alloy and high-alloy steel, cast steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium, zircon and their alloys by using the methods of oxyacetylene welding (311), manual metal arc-welding with covered electrodes (111), metal inert/active gas welding with fusion electrodes - MIG/MAG (131/135), gas tungsten arc welding using inert gas - TIG (141).


We offer hard/soft soldering of the above mentioned materials (see “Welding”), using the method of flame hard/soft soldering (912/942) and soft soldering with a soldering lamp (952). The numbering used is according to ČSN EN ISO 4063.

Within the framework of its production capacities, PBS ENERGO, a.s. offers to the customers a complete range of services in the field of welding and soldering technology.