Spare parts

Advantages of ordering spare parts from PBS ENERGO

  • We guarantee original spare parts.
  • Spare parts will be manufactured precisely according to the
  • manufacturing documentation and serial number of the respective machine.
  • We give full guarantee for the delivery of spare parts.
  • We are the owners of the original manufacturing documentation.

PBS ENERGO is a direct successor of the original PBS holding, and thus can use a complete archive of the production and supply documentation of all turbines manufactured by PBS.

We offer overhauls of the entire turbo-sets, professional measuring and inspection of important parts of turbo-sets (bearings, blades ...) and preparation of complete inspection report. On the basis of the inspection results and findings we offer the spare parts which extend the life of the whole turbo-set including related guarantees.

PBS ENERGO covers a full range of spare parts for the turbo-sets. The spare parts include spare rotor and stator blades, turbine wheels, stator blade carriers, high-speed and low-speed gearbox shafts, bearings, parts and sets for control, heat exchangers, oil system, their components, etc.

We guarantee the use/delivery of original spare parts directly from their manufacturers. For delivery of spare parts and in servicing we employ the latest procedures with application of our long experience as a turbine manufacturer in connection with the results of development of new products and technologies.

In case of interest on the part of the customer we are also able to replace the complete turbine based on the serial number of the turbo-set. All spare parts are subject to strictest acceptance tests and inspection criteria before their dispatch to the end customer.

List of selected types of turbo-sets

Machine type

Power (kW)

Mv400 10 - 200
Mv550 80 - 500
Mv700 120 - 700
PC400 40 - 200
PCPL700 300 - 1000
PCPL400 100 - 400
PC850 700 - 2000
P28,1 28,1
P32 32
PA 1,9
PC110 2,6
PC700/MEA 1,2
PR3,2 3,2
TPP 3,35

Machine type

Power (MW)

K1,15 1,15
K4,3 4,3
K4,9 3,64
K5,5 5,5
K6,5 6,5
K7,15 6,66
P22,5 22,5
P28,1 28,1
P32 32
PA 1,9
PC1100 2,6
PC700/MEA 1,2
PR3,2 3,2
R3,35 3,35
TPP 3,35
T30 30
P30 30
R6 6
PT50 50
T12 12