General Deliveries

We offer the following for our customers

  • Inlet and outlet piping including valves, orifice plates, diaphragms, steam and gas injection and heat compensators.
  • Concrete foundation for the turbo-set including static and dynamic calculations.
  • Complete condensing part including condenser, condensate pumps, low-pressure or high-pressure heater, seal steam condenser, operating vacuum pump, starting and emergency ejectors.
  • Generator power outlet including control of voltage, power factor (cos ϕ) and synchronization, both high-voltage and low-voltage switchgear, power transformers, possibly island operation control.
  • Bridge crane or lifting equipment.
  • Cooling circuit including cooling towers, cooling water pumps, sumps, etc.
  • Compressed air generation and distribution circuits
  • Complete instrumentation and control including data acquisition, storage and evaluation.
  • Buildings for above specified equipment.

It is essential for us that implementation of our solutions is as simple for our customers as possible. Therefore we offer not only delivery of steam and gas expansion turbines but also performance of all the following operation and building activities.

The entire delivery forms a fully functional unit. The delivery includes complete installation, testing, debugging and commissioning of the equipment.

PBS ENERGO provides full range of activities in construction of power units with steam and gas expansion turbines. The delivery includes the planning, basic and detail design, implementation, installation, putting into full operation, guarantee and post-guarantee servicing.


Last but not least, PBS ENERGO offers its customers various models of financing. In cooperation with financial institutions we are ready to offer our customers an optimal financing model for the construction of the plant itself as well as for the medium-term or long-term crediting.

Selected references

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