Low-pressure condensing turbines

Main advantages and parameters of CSTG turbines

  • low pressure condensing turbine equalizes non-uniform heat extractions for achieving optimum performance
  • saving investment costs as a result of full preservation of power outlet
  • minimization of cost of other process systems and buildings.

Inlet steam

  • pressure: max. 15 bar abs.
  • temperature: max. 350 °C
  • flow rate: max. 90 t/h

Outlet steam

  • pressure:  5 kPa abs. to 25 kPa abs.

Shaft power

  • 500 kW to 15 MW


  • installation on the steam side in series downstream of the existing steam back-pressure turbine
  • optimum power of installed steam back-pressure turbines and boilers in the case of reduced steam take-off requirements.

The low-pressure condensing turbines are often installed on the steam side in series downstream of the existing steam back-pressure turbines. Such arrangement brings an optimum power of both the boiler and the existing back-pressure turbine due to the fact that the newly installed low-pressure condensing turbine equalizes non-uniform heat off-takes from the outlet of the back-pressure turbine.

Effective solution of the additional installation of the condensing turbine consists in the connection of the CSTG turbine to the shaft of the existing generator on the side opposite to the back-pressure turbine. After it, it is possible to start and shut down the CSTG turbine without interruption of the run of the existing back-pressure turbine thanks to a special automatic coupling. The saving of investment expenditures as a result of complete preservation of the power outlet and minimization of cost of the other process systems and buildings is also undoubted advantage.

The CSTG turbines have barrel-type casings, without horizontal parting plane. This technical solution enables more flexible operation thanks to a shorter time of heating and cooling of the casings in turbine start-up and shutdown.


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